Rector Parks and Recreation

Rector has two parks:  Rector Downtown Central Park, at Main and Front Streets, and Rector Memorial Park, Highway 49 — each historical and each beautifully maintained. Adjoining Memorial Park on the south is the softball/baseball complex, consisting of four fields and the rodeo arena.  These facilities exist for the benefit of the citizenry of the community and, at times, to those from across the state when tournaments are held in the ball complex.

The Rector Beautification Committee volunteered to oversee the upkeep of the Downtown Central Park. The memorial or commemorative bricks for the brick walkway may be purchased by contacting Stephen Crancer at 870-595-3291.

In the past 12 years many improvements have been made to both parks with landscaping and reforestation.  In the Rector Memorial Park, 64 “new trees” have been planted as older trees have succumbed to disease (before steps were taken to rid parasites within) and high winds.  Additionally all the streets in Memorial Park have been paved and street lights installed.

Memorial Park is graced with four colorful flower beds which the Rector Garden Club constructed and maintains.

Memorial Park also has two playgrounds with relatively new equipment, meeting both state and federal standards.  The underground wiring and coaxial T.V. cable reaches every stand, enabling volunteers who work those stands on Labor Day to keep abreast of events on the stage by simply bringing their own T.V. to their respective stands.

The park also has three R.V. pads fully equipped for self-containment, at the nominal fee of $17.00 a night for a 30 amp slot and $27.00 for a 50 amp slot,  paid in advance.  To rent these spaces, you may contact Rector City Hall, 409 South Stewart St., Rector, AR, 72461, or call 870-595-3035.
The construction of a quarter-mile walking trail occurred in 2005. It is used daily, as is the pavillion during warm months.  The pavillion may be reserved (limit four hours) by calling commissioner Keith Hill at 870-595-3523.  There is no charge, but please leave it clean.

All of these facilities are governed by the seven volunteer member Rector Parks and Recreation Commission, which must be approved and sanctioned by the municipal government of the City of Rector.  The commission must operate within the confines of Arkansas State Law, adhering to by-laws set forth regarding such facilities.  State standards must be met as a prerequisite to applying for state grant monies appropriated for improvements.

State law requires an annual audit of the Rector Parks and Recreation Commission and the activities of each subjective entity within its jurisdiction.

The Rector Parks and Recreation Commission is most appreciative for the assistance from city employees, when help is needed for projects.  Prompt and efficient service is always provided by city superintendent Todd Watson and crew.

These parks are expensive to maintain.  The Rector Parks and Recreation Commission operates on a budget provided by the City of Rector, plus any grant money provided by the state.

Rector Labor Day Picnic homecoming has been held in Rector Memorial Park since 1941.  The first picnic was enjoyed in a much smaller area cleared for the event where the present bingo stand is located.  Clearing of underbrush was led by the late Clifford Stallings.

The land for the Rector Memorial Park was donated to the city by a former Rector businessman, the late Alfred West, circa 1937.

Please enjoy Rector parks, but please also refrain from littering.  It is against the law!  Attempt to visualize passing through Rector not seeing these beautiful welcoming sites!

Current Rector Parks and Recreation Commission members are: Nita Bowden, Don Pickler, Charles Manchester, Keith Hill, Steve Horton and Leland Blackshare .

If you would like to order a memorial brick copy the form below and bring or send to the Rector Water Department at 409 Stewart Street, Rector, AR. 72461