Rector Museum

Museum Exibit

The Rector Community Museum project was developed under the guidance of Joey Pruett and the Rector Woman’s Club. Together with the support of the City of Rector, the Rector Community Museum was opened to the public on Sept. 6, 2006. It is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the public’s sense of community through an understanding of Rector’s history and its place in American society.

To achieve this purpose, the museum collects and preserves artifacts and information that document the area’s heritage, and produces interpretive exhibits and educational programs. The Museum is dedicated to the belief that we can learn from the past to understand better the present and future. The Museum entrance is located on the back east side of the Rector Public Library.


Museum Hours:

The museum is currently located at 121 West 4th Street. Behind the library.
Museum hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday and Friday. Anyone wanting to donate memorabilia should contact the museum by clicking here. To learn more about the museum visit their website at:
Rector Community Museum, Box 313, Rector, Arkansas 72461
A(870) 595-4033



Rector Community Museum


Acting Director (Vice President) – Joey Pruett

Secretary – Cathy Louder                 Treasurer – Don Gibbs

Board of Trustees

Glenna Bookout,  Terry Robertson,  Bill Rabjohn,  Marvin Gatewood


New Building

We have a new building at 310 S Main Street but it needs a little work. That means we need a little money. Check out these beautiful clay tiles we are selling as a fund raiser. Decorated with pictures of scenes around Rector, they come in 3 sizes and make great gifts as well as a meaningful memento for you. You can also get the pictures on a mouse pad and a mug. The tiles, mugs and mouse pads are currently on display at the museum. Click this link for more information: /museum-2.html

Or make a donation using the MyEvent link at: